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GREENEOS is the invite only community of the green future evolution and the new ecosystem for green minded people and green conscious, eco-friendly businesses worldwide.
GREENEOS is a DApp with a crypto-wallet for green, energy-efficient cryptocurrencies (that use proof-of-stake, delegated proof-of-stake algorithms like EOS, NEO, Cardano, Peercoin, BitcoinGreen, soon ETH & many others), with a built-in instant exchange and peer-to-peer payments processing system, crypto-cashback service for businesses, global green loyalty rewards program, partnership and rev-share program for the community members, secure messenger and green online marketplace for the new united green minded community.





proof-of-tree tokens to be issued



Greeneos Pay is a payments processing fin-tech solution to accept cryptocurrencies for businesses and entrepreneurs that are producing green, eco-friendly, energy-efficient, healthy, organic, bio, innovative, creative, art, wellness, self-development, mindfulness, holistic, educational products and services (online and offline). 

Greeneos Pay is like a «new green PayPal/ApplePay» service integrated with the world’s leading e-commerce platforms and Point-of-Sales systems: Shopify, Magento, Opencart, WOO Commerce, Drupal, PrestaShop and others.

Greeneos Pay will be cheaper, safer and faster than most of the payments processing solutions for small and medium businesses: Low Cost - only 1% commission per transaction (compared to todays’s up to 5% per transaction and chargeback fees), Secure - encryption-based transactions are irreversible and immune to hackers (compared to today’s unsafe high risk of fraud and chargebacks) and Instant - settlements in seconds without going through a bank. 

With Greeneos Payment Ecosystem integrated businesses can provide much more payment options, grow sales and reach motivated green-conscious customers worldwide, even those who do not have credit cards or bank accounts. Also it’s the solution to Save Money on comissions, stay Secure by reducing the risk of fraud and keeping the customer payment information confidential and demonstrate forward thinking to your customers by embracing new technology and supporting green initiatives and activities (like planting trees and cleaning the lands and waters). It’s the solution to accept different cryptocurrencies with DApp, NFC technology, Greeneos QR codes, easy to use plugins, APIs and POS interfaces worldwide.

Greeneos crypto-cashback system will allow merchants to make auto-cashback in GREENEOS tokens for each purchase instead of discounts to drive sales and motivate customers for higher volume orders. The community will be motivated to forward with a smart contracts their crypto-cashbacks to the green initiatives like planting trees and cleaning the shores and spaces.